I’m doing a post on this blog because I feel like I left a bit suddenly and people were like what??? Okay so basically I have been talking about leaving tumblr for months and months now. I love tumblr, don’t get me wrong and it’s not like I would necessarily take back the last 2 1/2 years of my life and wish I never created it in the first place… well I do in a way but then again I don’t. I do because of the amount of time I wasted on this website. Tumblr can be ridiculously addictive and when you start prioritizing it for real life things and real life friends you know you have a problem. It’s an escape, a comfort zone, but at the same time it’s horrible because it makes you feel trapped and lost and you just spend hours and hours clicking away and wasting your time when you could be doing things so much more productive. So that’s mainly why I’ve left. To start living my life. To do more things and use my time more productively. I’m going to be starting uni this year (woo crazy time has moved so fast) and just… I don’t want to be looking back at this time of my life when I’m 30 thinking ‘what did I actually DO’. On the other side, I have ‘met’ some really really amazing on tumblr and some of them I hope to never lose because literally I consider them my best friends and ugh I just love them so much, yeah you know who you are I’m not going to start name dropping. I do really miss it but at the same time I know this decision was for the best, and I wish you all the best of luck in the future and just the best happiness I really do love you all. There are times that I don’t know how I would have survived without the support from some of my followers so just thank you so so much for that. That’s about it alright love you.